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“Discover how alternative power sources for home electricity can protect your family and future generations.”

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Solar Power

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Solar Power Energy

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Wind Turbine 1 kW to 50 kW

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Solar Water Power Pumps


Alternative power sources for home electricity such as solar energy , wind energy and water turbines have become increasingly popular because they can supply backup power in times of emergency to secure your family’s basic needs such as heat, water and refrigeration.
For ultimate peace of mind, alternative home energy can augment or replace your utility power with a direct utility intertie or a stand alone system for those who want to be utility free and reduce their dependence on foreign oil.

“How will you and your family benefit?”

Your family will be safer and their future will be brighter when you start using environmentally friendly alternative energy sources. Benefits include:

  • Family protection
  • Home security
  • Increase in home value
  • Fixed cost of electricity for 30 year life of system
  • Clean and quiet power production
  • Free, renewable fuel
  • Reduction of greenhouse gasses
  • Investment in the future
  • Energy independence for retirement
“Why purchase your alternative home energy system from us?”

Because we are your nationwide "local" supplier of plug’n play home electricity systems that use alternative power sources. These turnkey units offer:

  • Immediate power production
  • Factory assembly and testing for trouble free start up
  • Automatic operation
  • Simple to use
  • Easy, low cost installation

Our people take care of everything, including finding and working with a local contractor to assure correct installation. Other services we offer are:

  • Free site feasibility survey
  • Free system sizing and custom system design
  • Free shipping to continental US
  • Toll free technical support

If you live in California, we will walk you through the process of reserving and collecting your 50% cash back rebate through the Emerging Renewables Rebate Program.

Californians are also eligible for state income tax credits.

Financing: for the rest of you, we can help arrange financing.

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“Where do you start?”

Contact us now for more information about solar energy or for a free quote on your new system!

We are happy to answer your questions about alternative home energy and hope you choose a UtilityFree solution that uses alternative power sources for home electricity.

Contact us or give us a call: 800.799.1122
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